Orthopaedic surgery and supportive care

Orthopaedic conditions include those related to the musculoskeletal system, and in particular to bones and joints.  Sometimes a pet will require complex surgery to correct a problem for example to repair a cruciate ligament, or a complicated bone fracture.  It is imperative that a trained and skilled surgeon carries out this kind of procedure to secure the best patient outcome.

We believe that continuity of care is important for both patient and owner, which is why we’re proud to offer many advanced orthopaedic surgical procedures within our hospital. Keeping it in-house means that the very vets you know and trust carry out the procedure, and we have a full history and understanding of your pet’s condition.  Complex surgical cases are seen by our veterinary surgeon Liam O’Reilly who has completed many advanced courses in general surgery and orthopaedics. He is very experienced in most fracture and dislocation cases in dogs and cats, and has a very efficient team of veterinary nurses and other veterinary surgeons working with him in these cases.

Pets under our care will receive the best advice and support pre-, during and post- procedure in order to maximise results. We feel strongly about providing adequate pain relief throughout, and will advise on physiotherapy techniques to strengthen the affected area and ensure that your pet makes a speedy recovery.