Medicine and hospitalisation

The whole team enjoy the challenge and complexities of internal medicine and we are lucky enough to have Barbara Fleming amongst us.  Her interest in this area saw her complete a certificate in Improve International Medicine.  She has a wealth of knowledge that we can all draw upon, and which informs the clinical standards we adopt for both outpatient medical cases and inpatients.  In fact our whole team, vets and nurses, regularly undertake additional learning in the form of continued professional development which keeps our knowledge and ideas at the forefront of ever-developing veterinary science.  Pets hospitalised with us for a day procedure or for longer periods will benefit from the best care provided by experienced professionals.

Our hygienic and spacious patient housing features air conditioning and heat exchange units to provide a constant ambient temperature on the wards.  Patients are made comfortable with soft and supportive bedding.  Our dedicated team of nurses tend to every need of every inpatient; from close monitoring and medications, to nutrition tailored to the individual’s requirements; our team also places emphasis on safeguarding a patient’s mental wellbeing, providing plenty of TLC, grooming and stimulation. We have intensive care facilities for the critically unwell, and the ability to isolate infectious patients when necessary to prevent the spread of disease.  Isolated patients receive the very same attention to detail in the way we care for them.