In House Blood Testing

Our in house laboratory in Midleton Veterinary Hospital consists of a top of the range Idexx Haematology and Biochemistry blood analyser. This facility allows us to diagnose patients efficiently, and in turn begin the appropriate treatment plan. Therapeutic monitoring can also be carried out for ongoing case management such as endocrinopathies or organ failure amongst others.


Our digital radiography here at Midleton Veterinary Hospital allows our veterinary surgeons to swiftly and accurately diagnose many conditions.  From images of broken bones, to soft tissue disease, the digital nature of our X-ray images allows us to magnify, edit and adjust X-rays in order to maximise their diagnostic worth. Our digital x-ray facility is invaluable in helping in the diagnosis of our pets ailments. We can also use contrast studies to give heightened definition to our x-rays. This can help with urinary tract disease (bladder stones and tumours) and digestive tract disease. We also take and submit X-rays for the BVA Hip and Elbow Dysplasia schemes for the purpose of scoring prior to breeding. We also specialise in SV X-rays for German Shepherds.

All staff members are protected with lead gowns and thyroid shields for optimal safety. Our system ensures that best quality radiographs are taken, processed and stored with your pets’ records while also maintaining very high safety standards.


Our advanced ultrasound machine provides crisp, real-time images of internal organs such as the heart, urinary bladder, lymph nodes, kidneys and the liver, from which many conditions can be diagnosed.  Our vets are skilled in interpreting these images which provide us with invaluable information on the health status of a pet.